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Six Natural Wonders You'll Love in Norfolk

Explore the natural beauty of Norfolk with our list of remarkable wonders that showcase the region's geology and history. No holiday would be complete without  experiencing the charm of its rivers, ridges, wildlife havens, historical formations, and ancient chalk reefs. Norfolk has something extraordinary for every nature enthusiast and history buff to explore!

The Wensum Chalk River:

Of the 210 chalk streams in the world, 160 are found in the UK. Often referred to as England's Rainforests, they have massive biodiversity and ecological value. The River Wensum is the longest and most significant chalk river in Norfolk, and the most protected river in Europe. A Special Area of Conservation and Site of Special Scientific Interest, it forms part of the Wensum Valley Project.

Wensum flows from the small village of Colkirk, all the way through the city of Norwich, before meeting the Yare at Whitlingham where it flows to the sea. Pensthorpe Natural Park is the perfect place to enjoy it!

The Cromer Ridge:

Standing over 100 meters high, the Cromer Ridge is one of the highest areas of all East Anglia, stretching 8.7 miles and features undulating wooded terrain and heather-covered areas. The sunken lanes, shaped by water erosion, add to the unique charm of this high point in Norfolk.

There are those who think Norfolk is flat... those people have never walked the Cromer Ridge!

Blakeney Point and its Wildlife:

Managed by the National Trust and an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Blakeney Point is a 4-mile stretch of flint-derived shingle and sand dunes, a haven for wildlife and a breeding ground for seals. You can take a boat trip from Morton Quay, or take the incredible hike along the sand from Cley.

The Brecks:

Once described as 'barren' by Charles Dickens, the Brecks has transformed from a seemingly lifeless desert to a thriving forest, providing a home for diverse wildlife within Thetford Forest - a wonderful place to explore on foot or bicycle. The forest is also home to Lynford, the most important Neanderthal site in the country, a prehistoric butchery.

Cromer Forest Bed and Deep History Coast:

The Cromer Forest Bed Formation is aged between 500,000 to 2 million years. Fossils, including the West Runton Mammoth, flint axes, and the earliest human footprints found in Britain, reveal fascinating insights into the past.

Norfolk’s Great Chalk Reef:

Cromer Shoals Chalk Bed, often referred to as 'Britain’s Great Barrier Reef,' is an ancient chalk reef, existing since the time of dinosaurs. Not only that, it is remarkably close to the shore - so much you could throw a stone out to it.

In addition to these natural wonders, don't miss out on Norfolk's man-made marvels, including Blickling Hall, Norwich Cathedral, Cromer Pier, and the Broads National Park, and immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes and rich history that make Norfolk a truly exceptional destination.


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