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Exploring the Paradise: A Guide to the Best Fishing Spots on the Norfolk Broads

Welcome to the angler's haven! Norfolk stands as a proud host to some of the finest fishing spots in the UK, featuring a great mix of saltwater, private, and public locations. If you're contemplating a fishing escapade on the Norfolk Broads, your search for the perfect fishing guide ends here.

The Norfolk Broads, a renowned destination for angling enthusiasts and fishing aficionados, encompasses 300 square kilometres of lakes and rivers, making it a top choice for fishing holidays in Britain. With a diverse range of freshwater fish, this picturesque expanse invites anglers of all skill levels to indulge in a fishing retreat amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

Whether you're on the quest for roach, perch, bream, or even tempted by the thrill of pike fishing, our comprehensive guide will navigate you through the best rivers and fishing hotspots in the Broads, aiding you in choosing the perfect location based on your skill level and preferred catch.

  1. Wroxham: Capital of the Broads Known as the Broads' capital, and home to The Norfolk Broads Cottage itself, Wroxham’s tidal sections are renowned for predatory species, making it a haven for pike enthusiasts. Consider renting a boat to make the most of your fishing trip. During summer, families frequent Wroxham, creating an environment where smaller fish thrive. This bustling ecosystem ensures day catches of roach and bream, transitioning to nighttime tench pursuits. The pike population have become skilled in capturing smaller fish!

  2. Salhouse Broad: Nature's Hideaway The next village on the way to Norwich, Salhouse is one of the region's most picturesque settings and ideal for first-time anglers pursuing roach, perch, and bream. While huge trophy catches might elude you, the prospect of a bountiful collection of smaller to medium-sized fish might persuade you to visit! Account for tidal effects and tailor your equipment to the conditions. Maggots and worms are a great bait here, and so is sweetcorn. 

  3. Horning: A Riverside Variety Show Situated next to Wroxham towards the coast, Horning offers a diverse array of species for day and night fishing. Bream and roach are active day and night, providing an excellent environment for honing your fishing skills. As twilight descends, tench and pike emerge, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a more challenging fishing experience.

  4. Potter Heigham: Bream Haven on the Thurne For those yearning to reel in bream, Potter Heigham on the River Thurne is an ideal destination. Positioned near the boatyard, this area is particularly welcoming for beginners, attracting an abundance of fish seeking refuge from the elements. Fishing Martham side is recommended, as fewer boats navigate under the bridge, minimizing water disturbance. Potter Heigham proves excellent for day fishing, especially during summer evenings. Ground bait and a later fishing hour enhance your chances, with bream, roach, and pike. Which leads us to...

  5. Martham Broad: Serenity In contrast to some locations, Martham boasts tranquility, free from boat congestion, ensuring cleaner and calmer waters. The North Broad requires a permit from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, while fishing is strictly prohibited at all times in the South Broad. Angling restrictions aim to preserve the pristine condition of the Broad, offering a serene fishing experience in unpolluted surroundings.

  6. Acle Bridge and Upton Dyke: Downstream Delights Acle marks the conclusion of non-tidal fishing downstream. Beyond this point, tidal waters demand expertise and advanced fishing gear. Heavy feeders become essential for a successful catch, with bream and roach thriving in warmer weather. The stretch between Acle Bridge and Upton Dyke, especially at the onset of the coarse open fishing season, can be fruitful for anglers, particularly beginners. Skimmers and smaller species await, making it an excellent location to kickstart your fishing journey.


Coarse fishing is prohibited during the close season, spanning from March 15th to June 15th. Failure to adhere to this can result in prosecution and fines of up to £2500. Coarse fish, including bream, barbel, pike, gudgeon, chub, perch, roach, and rudd, are protected during their breeding season to prevent overfishing and support fish stock regeneration.

During the coarse fishing close season, anglers have the opportunity to fish for game species like salmon and trout. The open season for game species on rivers in England typically runs from February 1st (salmon) and April 1st (trout) to September 31st (Trout) and October 31st (salmon). It's essential to verify these dates, as they can vary by location. 

To fish on any water, including for freshwater fish and eels, a rod licence is mandatory. This licence is valid from April 1st to March 31st and can be acquired from the Post Office or the Environment Agency website. Various licences cater to different fishing preferences, such as trout, coarse fish, and eel licences, along with salmon and sea trout licenses, and spod and marker rod licenses. Children under 12 are exempt from the rod licence requirement, while those aged 12 to 16 need a license, it is free of charge.

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