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About Us - and The Norfolk Broads Cottage (A personal note)

Updated: Feb 24

Farthings, The Norfolk Broads Cottage is a luxurious home-from-home. Our private hot tub, covered and surrounded by vines and trees, is lovely in sunshine or rain! We have all the usual online facilities, including streaming services, but we also have loads of offline entertainment too - books for all ages (toddlers, middle grade, young-adult and general), lego, brio, loads of boardgames, and a reversible pool / air hockey table in the games cabin! Then there's the treehouse in the garden...

The treehouse. An excellent sentry post for water fights

If you're celebrating or after something really special, we can help: you can have our private chef cook a special meal to eat at our outdoor oak dining table, or indulge in our in-house spa services. You can have a celebration cake or afternoon tea delivered, or on a rainy day - order activity boxes for the kids, complete with clues for the Norfolk Broads Cottage treasure hunt...

Solve the clues and find the treasure!

All our guests have access to their own, exclusive online Guest Area, filled with local information, PDFs of local walks, runs and cycle routes, and details of all the best beaches and dog friendly establishments.

We pride ourselves on making every stay as perfect as we possibly can. We spend a lot amount of time on the house, painting and repainting, keeping it immaculate, well maintained, furnished and equipped; working out and second guessing what each set of guests might need, making sure it is welcoming and - basically - a joy for those coming on holiday here to experience. And that's partly because its a business (well, it is!) but it's more that that.

The cottage was, for many years, our family home. We brought up our five children here.

Warm, hazy days

It is cosy in winter, abundant in summer. As a family, we all know that there is nothing like sidling up to the aga in November, feeling the strength of the sun on your closed eyes in the garden in July, or hunting for Easter Eggs among the tulips in April.

Every year, the elderly camellia outside the kitchen window heralds the slow close of winter. If you stay here around the 15th February ('s that predictable) you'll see it produce its first glorious red flower, as have generations before. On the brickwork facing south into the garden, are scratchings by children from the early 1800s...

Frances in 1882, 1886, 1927, Benjamin in 1834

It is a truly a wonderful, special place - and that's why ours is a family business. We are all involved in wanting you to experience just a little bit of the loveliness the cottage has to offer.

We hope to welcome you soon!

Hannah, David and the kids


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