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Unveiling the Wonders of North Norfolk's Deep History Coast

North Norfolk's Deep History Coast is a unique treasure trove that holds the earliest evidence of human presence in Britain, dating back nearly a million years.

Here, you can walk in the footsteps of the UK's first tourists and discover the remnants of an ancient world along the 22 mile long Deep History Coast Discovery Trail, stretching from Weybourne to Cart Gap along the clifftops of the north Norfolk coast. With eleven discovery points along the way, this trail offers a fascinating glimpse into the landscape of prehistory and any visit to Norfolk would be incomplete without it!

Discover the Deep History Coast:

The Northeast Norfolk Coast has completely changed our understanding of prehistoric times, becoming the most crucial archaeological site in Western Europe and the country's best preserved Neanderthal site. In fact, Norfolk stands as the only county where evidence of four distinct human species has been found, placing humans in Norfolk some 350,000 earlier than previously thought.

Happisburgh stands as the oldest archaeological site in northern Europe, with the famous Happisburgh Footprints, while West Runton has unveiled the UK's oldest and most extensive fossilized mammoth skeleton.

You can find out more about The Deep History Coast and the Discovery Trail here


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